Chase McCoy explores, builds, & writes about the web ☺

  • Hey! It’s me, Chase, from online. Welcome to my home on the web. I’d suggest reading my blog or checking out my collection of public notes and research to get started.
  • I grew up in Mississippi, and now split my time between Chicago and the internet.
  • I work remotely at Stripe on the Design Systems team. We're building UI infrastructure to power a host of products, brands, and users. Previously, I led the team at Sprout Social working on the Seeds design system.
  • My writing and research is focused on the meta-internet and the future of the web. I’m interested in how humans engage with web technologies to live, design, build, interact, publish, and play.
  • I have an interest in human-scale software, and I see the web as a medium for personal creativity in addition to a public forum.
  • While I mostly consider myself to be a designer, my educational background is in Computer Science, and I began my career as an iOS developer.

A visual search engine for images from some of the best museums in the world.

Museo is an open source web interface that helps you find free-to-use images from some of the world’s best museums and libraries: