Here’s a thing I never would have imagined possible: an LLM embedded into a font.

Many applications (including Chrome and Firefox) use a font rendering engine called HarfBuzz, and HarfBuzz recently added support for running arbitrary WebAssemply code in order to “shape” the pixels that are drawn onscreen when rendering a font.

You can see the font, llama.ttf, in action in this video.

Over the past several decades we’ve seen computers be embedded into more and more contexts. Today, computers are everywhere, from our cars to the locks on our doors. Computers have even been built and embedded into the digital worlds of video games.

I wonder if, in the years to come, it might be LLMs that get embedded into all the things.

A smart refrigerator that can reason about what’s inside and maintain a grocery list for you? A font that completes your sentences? A doorbell that answers in your voice and tone when you’re not at home? In-flight entertainment that generate content based on your preferences?

Strange times ahead.