How to be productive

Things that work for me to kickstart and maintain my productivity.

MiscMay 2, 2022

  1. Never begin your day by sitting down at the computer first thing

    While I like being up and about in the morning, I’m not a morning person in the sense that my best creative or technical work happens early in the day. A sure-fire recipe for disaster for me is waking up and (after my morning routine) immediately sitting down in front of my work computer.

    It’s much better for me to begin the day slowly and start by doing something enjoyable and inspiring like reading a good book or journaling, preferably over a cup of good coffee. Going for a walk or exercising in the morning is another good option.

  2. Practice productive procrastination

    When my attention begins to wander, there are two options: fill it with a pointless distraction like social media or fill it with another task (preferably something quite different than the current task at hand). Keeping a list of small todos around is useful for those times when you want to procrastinate. Allow yourself to procrastinate, but still do something useful with that time.

  3. Have separate workspaces for your job and your extracurricular creative practices

  4. Remember: if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly

  5. Don’t forget your mise en place