🌱 Notes

Welcome to my digital garden—a personal wiki of neat stuff I’ve collected during my travels on the web.

Or application programming interfaces.
So meta.
A few excellent reads that have shaped who I am, how I work, or how I think about the world around me.
[🚧 WIP] My personal operating systems.
Live shows that I've had the pleasure to see, in chronological order.
CSS recipes
Helpful techniques and snippets for working with my favorite language.
CSS resets
CSS variables
Custom properties and system variables baked into browsers.
Defining design systems
Trying to answer the question “what is a design system?”
Design tokens
The most atomic design decisions that make up a larger design system.
Developer tooling for design systems
Often times, the source of truth in a system lies with the engineers, not the designers. Making sure devs can maintain the system is essential.
Digital gardens
Embracing the history personal sites as ever growing and changing collections rather than static documents.
A simpler static site generator (at 11ty.dev)
Forms are one of the core patterns of the web, and enable the interactivity that users expect from a web application.
Getting adoption for a design system
The big challenge that comes after creating a design system is gaining adoption amongst your users.
Javascript objects
Minimum viable solution
Kinda like code-golfing meets Occam's razor — what's the simplest and most naive solution to a given problem?
Netlify tips and tricks
People tools for design systems
The real success of a system often comes down to solving people problems.
Public design systems
The field of design systems has been shaped so heavily by the fact that so many systems are out in the open for all to see. Here are some that have stood out to me over the years.
A collection of passages that have stuck with me, and that I like to come back to when I need some inspiration.
React hooks
Handy utilities for React projects.
Regex recipes
I’ve always been terrible at regex—here are some snippets that come in handy.
Responsive web design
Style guide
My personal and always in progress guide to style, usage, and grammar for writing on the web.
I spent a little bit of time diving into Svelte and walking through the official tutorial. Here are some things that stood out to me.
The command line
Useful snippets for working in your terminal.
The details element
Shapes and forms.
Vanilla Javascript
JavaScript has come a long way since the height of jQuery, and many solutions that were best outsourced to a package are now easy to build in plain JS.
Web communities
Examining spaces on the web that foster healthy patterns of interaction and that are respectful of our time and attention.
Web components
New APIs allow us to build web experiences using a component model, but without the cost of a framework.
What are they? Why are they? What makes them so special? That's what I am trying to answer here.