I started my career building iOS apps, and made my way back to the web out of excitement for tools that were emerging at the time around component-based design and development. I remember feeling that the idea of encapsulating markup, styles, and behavior was so obvious, and I couldn’t believe at the time that there was no method for that built directly into the platform. If you wanted to build components for the web you needed to setup a complex toolchain and build process, which is very intimidating for beginners.

In the years since, there’s been a lot of work done on the web platform to get us closer to a reality where you can design/build with components right out of the box. A great example of this was announced this week by the Lit team: an Eleventy plugin for statically rendering web components.

Me from 10 years ago trying to create a component-based website would have been overjoyed by the simplicity of this. I’m thankful for React et al. for changing the way we think about frontend development, but I’m even more thankful that future web developers will have a far more approachable (and lightweight) entry point to best practices.