Reading list for the week of April 1


How the Blog Broke the Web
A great piece on how the reverse chronological blog format pioneered by Movable Type and the like ruined the curated, library-style personal homepages of the early web.

Dates didn’t matter all that much. Content lasted longer; there was less of it. Older content remained in view, too, because the dominant metaphor was table of contents rather than diary entry. Everyone with a homepage became a de facto amateur reference librarian.

The title is a bit of an overstatement, but I really enjoyed this one.

Visions Magazine
Visions is “a science fiction magazine where writers, designers and researchers of the past and present come together to explore the future”, and its first issue just dropped.

I love science fiction almost as I love typography, and this seems to be a stunning marriage of both. Ordered immediately.

Brent Jackson: Interoperability
Brent’s work has been one of the biggest inspirations on my own, and I make use of a lot of his ideas and tools on many sites that I work on (including this one, and Seeds). He’s proposing a unified theme specification to use amongst tools such as Styled System.

Unifying the way we theme and style web apps means no lock-in to any technology, and I’m always in favor of that. I’m excited to see what comes from Brent’s proposal.