Reading list for the week of March 6


I’ve been meaning to share more of the interesting stuff that comes across my radar, but haven’t felt like making a bunch of tiny posts. Figured I’d wrap them up in a weekly roundup and share batches at a time. Here’s the inaugural edition:

Storybook 5.0
The contributors behind Storybook just dropped version 5, which features a new design that looks great. I’ve been using Storybook in a personal project lately and I’m still not sure it’s for me, but I am always impressed in how great of a tool it is.

Wiby describes itself as “a search engine for older style pages, lightweight and based on a subject of interest. I am trying to create a web more reminiscent of the early internet.” I can dig that. Fun to poke around and see what turns up.

Tools & Craft Episode 03: Ted Nelson
Notion’s Tools & Craft series has been excellent so far, and this latest episode with one of my heroes is no different.

CSS Remedy
A project from the Mozilla Developer Outreach team that “sets CSS properties or values to what they would be if the CSSWG were creating the CSS today, from scratch, and didn’t have to worry about backwards compatibility.” Pretty cool to read through the comments and get the historical perspective of why certain things work the way that they do in CSS.

Like ImageOptim, but on the web. A handy tool to keep in your bookmarks.