Reading list for the week of March 14


Panic: What’s Next for Coda?
Panic is reworking Coda from the ground up as a new app with a new name, tailored to modern web development. I am irrationally excited about this. Panic makes some of the best apps out there, and I will be lining up to give them money for whatever the new app is called.

I also appreciate how self-aware Panic is being here — it takes guts to admit that your app is out of touch with how users work today. Props to them for realizing they need to start over.

Reeder 4 for Mac Beta
Reeder has always been my favorite RSS app for both Mac and iOS, and today the beta for the upcoming version of the Mac app dropped (with the iOS app soon to follow, apparently). Not many apps have been in active development for as long as Reeder has.

Accessibility Report for Managers

This tool helps translate the failing Accessibility rules on a website into actual understandable problems that real users might be facing by generating dummy feedback from dummy users.

Try plugging in your website and see if the resulting tweets can make your product managers care about accessibility.