The Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft announced a bunch of stuff today. One of those things is called the HoloLens.

The HoloLens is a self-contained holographic computer inside of a visor. The user wears the visor, and the HoloLens can show real time holographs that can interact with the environment. For example, it could show a grocery list on your refrigerator, or perhaps a TV on the wall across from your couch.

This is so cool.

Follow that link and watch the video. I understand that it doesn’t show actual footage from the real product, but Microsoft did show off a prototype today and the results look promising. The HoloLens knows where you’re looking, which means you can interact with the holograms in 3D.

One example of this was a real-world game of Minecraft. The user can place bricks with his or her fingers. Microsoft plans to open this up for developers which means that practically anything is possible.

The video shows some potentially life changing examples. One of them involves video chatting with someone and allowing them to draw diagrams that show up in your 3D environment. Imagine the potential of being able to interact with someone else’s perception of reality while being miles away. That has huge implications for a number of fields like education and science.

The HoloLens is an example of technology that makes me very excited for the future.