Typed for Mac

Today, Realmac is releasing their new Markdown writing app for the Mac. Typed is available now from Realmac’s website.

I was fortunate enough to get an early look at Typed, and I was very impressed. There are tons of writing apps for Mac, and Typed is not revolutionary. But, it does have some very nice features that make it worth having.

First is zen mode. This option takes the app fullscreen and plays one of six relaxing sounds. You can choose which “soundtrack” you would like to listen to from the settings, or cycle through them from the Zen menu. This feature doesn’t seem like much, but it makes for a very pleasant, simple writing experience.

One thing I like about Typed is that the window takes advantage of Yosemite’s translucency, but this can also be turned off if you prefer your windows more opaque.

The app has a nice little bar on the left side of the window that appears when you hover over it. It lets you customize the appearance (including 3 themes), preview your writing, and also share your writing. The app can export as HTML and RTF, and it also takes advantage of Yosemite’s sharing extensions.

Typed for Mac

One thing you will notice about Typed is that hovering over and clicking interface elements is accompanied by very nice sound effects. Realmac also makes Clear, so this comes as no surprise. Another detail taken from Clear is an inspirational quote that is shown on an empty document. I love little touches like that.

I encourage you to give Typed a try. The guys at Realmac put a lot of time and thought into make this app right, and that shows. Typed isn’t revolutionary, but it is exceptional.