Living in the Future

The world is a place filled with impatience. The constant push for the biggest, boldest, best whatever happens every day. Human beings are a curious species, and we are also a desirous one. We want more and more, because more often means better.

On the internet, it can be hard to step back from this. After all, I like better batteries, bigger screens, and faster computers as much as the next guy. Innovation is not a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a really great thing. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if it weren’t for Apple and their neat toys. I look forward to every fall when they show us newer, neater toys. But everyday I think to myself more and more that, finally, it’s enough.

Think about what we are capable of with the little squares on our pockets. We can instantly communicate with anyone around the world. We can access any information we would like. At this point, it’s just about coming up with better ways to accomplish those tasks.

Last week, Dropbox updated their $100/year pro plan from 100GB of storage to 1TB. One Terabyte! 1,000 Gigabytes! Wow. Think about that for a second. I can now store all of my files in a place where they are available at any place and time. I can store more online for $100/year than my MacBook Air (128GB), iPhone (32GB), and iPad (32GB) can store all together. That blows my mind, and it should blow yours as well.

We live in the future. And boy, is it great. The best thing is that it gets even better every day. However, for today, I am satisfied. We should all be perfectly content with the amazing technology available to us. I mean, if the iPhone (or even any other smartphone) doesn’t make you smile when you think about what it does, then you should rethink your definition of awesome. We are so lucky to live in this day and age, where it’s possible to do so much so easily.

Even though I can be impatient about new and improved technology, I can honestly say that I am 100% content with my tools. I don’t feel the need for any device or app that I don’t already have or could get.

For a nerd, this is a big deal. Having every bit of your personal technology figured out and working exactly how you want it to is a great place to be in. And I am in the place because I live in the future.