Field Notes: Arts and Sciences Edition

Back again with their summer release, Field Notes has released the “Arts and Sciences edition”. There are two big things that set this set apart from the previous editions:

  1. The books are larger. Instead of the traditional 3.5˝ by 5.5˝ memo books, these new ones are 7.5˝ by 4.75˝. I really love this size. I love the smaller size as well, but sometimes I just need something a little bigger.

  2. The “arts” book features lined paper, and the “science” book has graph paper. The best part, though, is that the right side has the lines or graph, and the left side is always blank. I love this idea. Sometimes you need structure, and sometimes you need a blank canvas.

In addition, these books feature a lovely wine and slate gray colored covers with a lot of great information printed inside of them. I cannot wait to receive mine in the mail.