Reeling in your online presence

Josh Ginter writes about the struggle to manage the cornucopia of publishing services available to us:

In saying that, it would appear to be inhumane to limit our content to a few defined topics. Dividing our interests amongst publishing platforms is like dividing our souls and jettisoning them into a void. I cringe when I have to decide where to publish my next thought or photo or link.

With more and more social media apps and blogging platforms popping up each week, it can be hard to decide where and how you should publish your stuff. The important thing being, of course, that you are publishing something.

I also love that Josh talks about how we shouldn’t be afraid to use our websites, whatever their main focus may be, to share what we care about. Writing is about personality, and the personality of the writer is what makes some sites stand out from the rest. Josh linked to one of my favorite pieces ever in his article: Marco Arment’s “Avoiding the blogger trap.” Everyone who writes online should read that post and understand that your site is exactly that — a site about your interests.