The iPad Compromise

Shawn Blanc has spent the last few months with an iPad Air and an iPad mini. Today, he finally wrote about his decision on which to keep. He chose the iPad mini, and had this to say:

Both iPads are an awesome compromise.

One of them (the iPad Air) has the bigger screen, and chances are it’s light enough. While the other (the iPad mini) is hyper-portable and light, and chances are its screen is big enough.

Last week I sold my first generation iPad mini and bought myself an iPad Air. The decision was quite tough for me because, like Shawn said, it is a compromise either way

Before I got my iPad mini I had an iPad 2. I upgraded to the mini because I thought that I would prefer the size and weight over the huge iPad 2, and I was right. The iPad mini is the perfect sized iPad. However, typing on the iPad mini is not a great experience. I don’t like to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with me, and I am very capable of typing on the full sized keyboard of the iPad 2.

I sacrificed the size of the iPad mini for the typing experience on the iPad Air. I wanted to be able to use my iPad on the go rather than my MacBook Air, and for that I needed a better keyboard. If I could have the iPad Air’s keyboard on a device the size of the iPad mini, that would be perfect. That’s impossible though because of physics and what-not.

So am I happy with the iPad Air? The answer is yes. I do miss the weight of the mini, but the Air is still light enough for my purposes. And typing on it is much better than on the iPad mini.

The real reason I upgraded though was for a better processor and a Retina screen, and the iPad Air (and Retina mini) most certainly delivers on those aspects. This device is blazing fast and the screen is gorgeous.

Really, there is no wrong answer to the “which iPad?” question. Both devices are capable of being whatever you need them to be. The question you need to be asking yourself is what compromises you are willing to make. If you can compromise the full size keyboard, get the mini for sure. If you can sacrifice the size and weight of the mini, get the Air. You will thank yourself either way.