A Mac At Last

My first computer was an IBM Aptiva. It ran whatever version of Windows was standard (Windows 95 I believe), and it was amazing. Even though it was a relatively sub-par computer, I was only a child and therefore didn’t realize that it was anything short of magic.

That computer is an important piece of my history, because it put me on a life long path of nerdiness. Computers have always played a significant role in my life, and they have always been Windows powered machines.

I never really had a problem with Windows up until a few years ago when I became entrenched in the culture of Apple. The iPod, iPad, and iPhone gave me a taste of Apple’s superb interface design and cultivated platform. I fell in love with the company and their products. They introduced me to an aspect of computers that I had never experienced before: design and usability.

However, even though I owned several Apple devices, I was always standing outside of the Mac clubhouse looking in. I loved those computers even though I had never owned one. They were simply too expensive for me to have at the moment, so I waited patiently. I didn’t ignore them though. I began subscribing to various Mac-centric websites such as shawnblanc.net and Daring Fireball. Even though I didn’t own one, I knew more about Macs then most people I know who did. I knew then that I was going to own a Mac as soon as possible.

The day finally came on July 16, 2012. I had been working all summer at my parents’ business. I had just scored an exceptionally good score on my ACT, so my parents decided to assist me in purchasing a thirteen inch MacBook Air with eight gigabytes of memory.

It arrived a week later.

As I write this with the Mac’s backlit keyboard, I have had it for almost a week. I feel right at home while using it. It took me almost no time to adjust from the switch from Windows to OS X. In fact, I stored my Dell desktop in a dark closet in my house the day that I received the Mac from the long awaited FedEx delivery man.

I feel as though I am finally a part of the community that I have observed from afar for so many years. This device truly is a powerhouse of technology and design.

There are many things that I want to say about my Mac. At first, this article was going to be a review of the Mac’s hardware and software, but every nerd has read a dozen of those before. Then I decided that it would be a rundown of my favorite apps so far. While I decided against this for this post, I will write about this at some point. I decided to make this article about something much more that hardware and software. I decided to simply write a story. A story about how Apple changed my life.

I know that that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I plan to attend Mississippi State University next year to study computer programming and design. If it weren’t for Apple and the community of amazing developers that support their devices, I would never have realized that it isn’t just about what we do with computers, it’s about the experiences we have while we use them.

I am now officially a Mac nerd, and I have a lot to say about that. Stay tuned.